Dr. David B. Lee Family Dentistry, Inc. Gentle, quality, personalized dental care.
Dr. David B. Lee Family Dentistry, Inc.Gentle, quality, personalized dental care.

What our patients say about us

"This is just a short personal note to thank you both for your professionalism and your kind, personal care. It is strange but true that most people hate going to the dentist. So you have one of the hardest and most difficult professions that there is.


Doctor Lee, you are an exceptional dentist. With the gentlest hand. And I would like to thank you for your personal and professional care. Even though my mouth is old and has not been not very well cared for over the years, I have great comfort and consolation in your kind services. You both make all the difference."

Ned N., Brea, CA


"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Lee for 10 years. Dr. Lee & staff are not only run a knowledgeable, clean, honest office, they are genuinely caring people as well. They take great care of our teeth, and we actually enjoy visiting with them. They have state of the art equipment, and make you as comfortable and pain free as possible. They are both wonderful with children and adults. We would highly recommend Dr. Lee Dentistry."

 Denise M, Yorba Linda, CA

"Yesterday morning you did a tooth extraction on my lower right molar, and I fully expected to be in pain after the numbing wore off, as well as, last night and for a few days afterward. I at least expected my jaw to be sore and face swollen on that side since it seemed (to me) to be a difficult extraction, but this did not happen. I only took one Ibuprofen after the extraction as you suggested, and needed none the rest of the day or this morning. So far I have no pain and no swelling. I'm a very nervous dental patient and appreciated your calm & concerning demeanor throughout the entire extraction process, because I was very worried during the whole procedure, having never had a tooth extracted before. Also, I was relieved that the numbing medication didn't affect me adversely as it had in my past experience with another dentist/procedure. It is obvious that you know exactly where to place the needle when you administer the medication.

My husband and I are also very impressed by your very detailed teeth cleaning procedure. We have been to many dentists in our past and you are the first to, 1). do the cleaning yourself, and 2). do an immaculate job, especially on my coffee-stained teeth. I've never had a cleaning that removed ALL the stains, as yours did. We also noticed this last Feb. as well when we had our teeth cleaned in your office for the first time.

All in all, we are both very happy with your dental expertise and wanted to thank you for having us as your patients."

Gail K., Fullerton, CA

Dr. Lee is the best dentist that you can find in town.....so caring, gentle and an excellent dentist. the Dental office is hi tech too. His staff is outstanding.

Zhila G, Anaheim, CA


"Hi. I want to thank you again for you exceptional care, and your personal and professional attention. You are, no doubt, my favorite dentist. This is just a short note to let you know that I appreciate all that you have done for me... I appreciate your attention and your compassion, and for always helping me when I need it."

Ned N., Fullerton, CA

Dr. David Lee has been awarded as one of the top dentists in Fullerton.

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